Integration of ABP sterilization and reprocessing system into an anaerobic digestion plant

In scenarios where animal by-product volumes are modest and economies of scale for rendering are not attainable, the most pragmatic approach may be the establishment of a versatile multi-species and multi-category processing facility. In such instances, a critical analysis is required to determine the viability of producing dry fertilizer additives or leveraging the hydrocarbon chains of raw materials for biogas production, along with utilizing the nutrients for soil improvement endeavors. Particularly when biomethane subsidies are accessible, an optimal solution could be the sterilization and hydrolysis of raw materials to create a homogeneous substrate with a high methane yield, suitable for enhancing the feed of large-scale anaerobic digestion plants.

GMM excels as the technical linchpin for clients, ensuring that the production of animal by-product substrate not only aligns with the operational demands of the anaerobic digestion facilities but also adheres to stringent technical, environmental, and hygiene standards while complying with all pertinent regulations.

Our role has been pivotal in conceptualizing a pre-processing methodology aimed at substrate production, positioning us as the owner’s engineer and propelling our customer’s project towards success. GMM is dedicated to delivering innovative and compliant solutions in the realm of by-product management and energy recovery.