Research and development

Development of new processes and products

GMM is continuously investing in the development of new and improved processes, novel technologies, and new products. As we are scouting for new opportunities in the use of upcycled renewable feedstocks the technical feasibility is usually determined both at laboratory and pilot scale. Our internal capabilities are complemented by an extensive R&D&I partner network which covers a wide range of research institutions and best-in-class technology and solution providers.
We work closely with various research institutes and actively participate in projects aimed at studying and developing operational models, new processes, and new products for advancing circular economy and agroecology.

The topics we work with cover the whole side stream value chain. This includes for example the use of new side sterams, the impact of raw material quality on finished products, advantages offered by new technologies (e.g., bioprocesses, fractionation, chemical modification), productization of wastewater nutrients, creation of new product functionalities, and added value opportunities in the non-food industry use.
By investing in novel by-product processes and concepts we enable the full potential of the valuable components to be realized. This increases profitability, speeds up the growth of bioeconomy, and significantly decreases waste, GHG-emissions, and environmental load.

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Director, Research and Development

Mika Tuomola

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