Privacy policy

1. Controller
Honkajoki Ltd (Oy)
Santastentie 197
38950 Honkajoki, Finland / +358 10-834 6400

2. Contact person for register queries
Kari Valkosalo
Honkajoki Ltd, Santastentie 197, 38950 Honkajoki
Tel: 0407606412

3. Name of the register
Register for customer and personal data

4. The purpose of the use of data 
The data is stored for customer service and human resource management. The data is also used for logistics.

5. The data that register contains
Person’s name, address, telephone number, email address, farm or business ID, the address information of collection location.

6. Regular sources of data
Registered producer, customers, partners, Nautarekisteri.

7. Sharing of data
All data is gathered confidentially. The address information may be given to third party who’s responsible of Honkajoki Ltd’s mailing, but the data is to be used only for Honkajoki Ltd’s mailing. The information of customer’s animals may be given to Nautarekisteri.

8. Principles of register protection
Manual information: printed only when necessary and exterminated immediately after handling.
Digital information: data is saved in the register automatically. Only authorized persons can access the received information.

9. Transferring data to third countries
Transferring data outside EU and ETA zones requires written permission of the controller of the register. This kind of information transfer is allowed only, if information is transferred on comply with the regulations of GDPR.

10. Rights of the data subject
The person has the right to access his/her personal data. The person has the right to demand rectification, erasing data or a restriction of data processing. In all matters related to the processing of personal data and all situations regarding the exercising of one’s own rights, the person should send a written query to the person in response of register (see chapter 2) or schedule an appointment for checking the person’s data with the person in response of register.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies in order to collect data of visitors’ behaviour. This data is used to improve the customer experience as well as save the person’s registration information for future logins.

The cookies may be used to develop website’s usability (Google Analytics, Hotjar or some other third party analytics and monitoring service) and for marketing purposes (Facebook, Google Ads or other third party advertising channel). The cookies collect for example demographic information (age, gender, location) as well as information over person’s subjects of interest.

Cookies are not harmful and they do not cause trouble for computer, files or use of internet. The cookies collect for example following information:
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Deleting and blocking cookies

The cookies of Google Analytics service can be blocked by downloading a browser plug-in. All other cookies can be deleted or blocked from the settings of the browser you’re using. Honkajoki Ltd does not guarantee the full functionality of the website, if all cookies are blocked.

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