GMM is an industrial business partner

GMM is an industrial specialist service provider for food industry by-product processing and operation management. We offer consulting service with decades of experience and in-depth knowhow on animal by-product processing and management.

The foundation for the Concept was laid by Honkajoki Ltd, which has been operating in Finland starting 1967. Sustainable agriculture and efficient use of resources are the cornerstones of all operations at the Honkajoki Group. We commit to develop our concept to make it even more sustainable by reducing its environmental impact and concentrating on the possibilities of processing wider range of raw materials into new added value circular products.


Diverse group of professionals with different backgrounds

The experienced professionals of GMM design and manage the project, and pass on their accumulated technical and operational knowledge on how to turn by-products and side streams into profit. The aggregated knowledge of Honkajoki group and its network of suppliers, customers and experts is made available for GMM customers interested in improving their by-product operations.

Our values


Our operations are fair and transparent in all areas of our business.

Environmental friendliness

We operate in accordance with the principles of circular economy and agroecology.


We continuously invest in the development of our products and services.

Growth orientation

We aim at a leading position in all areas of our business.


We see to the coping and well-being of our employees in their day-to-day lives.

Code Of Conduct