Innovative Nitrate Fertilizer Production from Ammonia-Rich Wastewater

Transforming Wastewater into Resource: GMM introduces a groundbreaking approach to managing ammonia-rich wastewater from rendering plants and other industries such as biogas. Our process not only converts this wastewater into high-quality, renewable nitrate fertilizer but also produces clean, reusable water, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

Efficient Conversion Process:

The innovative process developed by GMM to convert ammonia-rich condensate into renewable nitrogen fertilizer and clean water. Specific issues faced by industries producing such wastewater (e.g., slaughterhouses, rendering plants).

Our innovative technology harnesses the power of biological treatment to transform nitrogen-rich effluents into:

Renewable Nitrate Fertilizer: Ready for immediate crop use, bypassing the need for soil nitrification.
Clean, Reusable Water: Reducing the overall volume of wastewater and supporting water conservation efforts.

Environmental and Economic Benefits:

Reduction in Nitrogen Levels: Up to 80% of nitrogen captured and converted into nitrate. Reduction of nitrogen in effluent (technical water) below SA BAT AELs
Volume of Fertilizer Produced: Efficient conversion process allows for high output of liquid fertilizer.
Water Reuse: Up to 90% of treated water is reusable, significantly reducing the demand on freshwater resources.

Case Studies and Successes

Demonstrated success in achieving the new BAT-associated emission levels for animal by-products industry.
Significant reduction in environmental impact through reduced water usage and nutrient recovery.
Economic benefits from the sale of biogas and nitrate fertilizer.

Implementation and Support

From Planning to Execution:

Assessment and Customization: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of various industries.
Installation and Integration: Seamless integration with existing treatment and management systems.
Operational Support and Maintenance: Ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Commitment to Sustainability

A Partner in Environmental Stewardship: GMM is committed to providing innovative solutions that support sustainability and create value for by-products. By choosing our technology, clients not only address their side stream management challenges but also contribute positively to environmental conservation and resource recovery.