Feasibility Study for an Fallen Stock and Risk Material Processing Facility in Iceland

Our client approached GMM seeking to refine and advance previous evaluative and conceptual efforts, with a keen intent to align these initiatives with the current operational and economic landscape.

Embarking on this venture, GMM’s first action was a thorough review of the existing plans, integrating a deep dive into the client’s unique position, the pivotal factors driving the initiative, and the actual availability of raw materials, together with an assessment of the status quo of Animal By-Product (ABP) collection and processing activities within the nation.

In collaboration with our client, through information assimilation and interactive workshops, GMM crafted a revised proposition. This included a fresh financial analysis and delineation of the essential conditions necessary for the project’s success.

This endeavor culminated in the creation of a pioneering, government-run by-product enterprise. This organization was tasked with developing a robust system for the collection of fallen stock and specified risk materials in Iceland and establishing a dedicated processing facility.