Feasibility study and concept planning for an animal by-products processing solution in Namibia

GMM undertook a thorough study commissioned by a prominent Namibian meat processing company aimed at enhancing the value and profitability derived from slaughterhouse by-products, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint associated with these operations.

A pivotal hurdle faced by the client was the logistical and economic burden of transporting by-products, paired with the imperative to upgrade their rendering processes, environmental measures, and the efficiency of product and energy outputs.

To address these challenges, GMM conducted extensive local data gathering essential for the meticulous development of concepts, preliminary engineering, and financial forecasting to enhance the animal by-product processing operations.

We devised a strategic concept for an integrated facility designed to handle an annual input of 30,000 tons of slaughterhouse-derived raw materials in addition to a considerable volume of manure.

The pre-feasibility phase of the project encompassed engineering of the facility concept, thorough profitability analysis, and the formulation of a comprehensive investment strategy. This project exemplifies GMM’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the field of by-product management.