Rendering plant wastewater treatment facility

GMM was at the helm of an intricate endeavor—orchestrating the conceptual planning, conducting comprehensive feasibility studies, exploring various alternatives, and overseeing the project development phases—culminating in the successful delivery of a new facility under an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) contract.

Tasked with the intricate challenge posed by the unique effluent profile of rendering facilities, which starkly differs from standard wastewater, GMM leveraged its decades of knowledge of rendering waste waters to ensure optimal facility operation within the strict parameters of environmental regulations. 

Central to this challenge was devising a cost-effective method for managing the exceptionally high concentrations of ammonium and hydrogen sulfide present in the wastewater stream, alongside the task of regulating the significant weekly fluctuations in total nitrogen loads led to the biological treatment system.

GMM’s engineered solution stands as a paragon of versatility and dependability, designed with simplicity in maintenance at its core and surpassing the benchmarks of the latest Best Available Techniques (BAT) associated emission levels. The facility is outfitted with sophisticated continuous analyzers and state-of-the-art remote monitoring capabilities, empowering GMM specialists to provide comprehensive operational support.