Blood meal production plant

In smaller-scale abattoirs, the practice of allowing blood to enter drainage systems poses a significant ecological challenge. If not properly managed, this practice can lead to a considerable increase in environmental contaminants, elevating the biochemical oxygen demand of wastewater by up to ten times and tripling the levels of suspended solids. This not only strains local sewage treatment facilities but also magnifies the environmental footprint of such operations.

Conversely, when captured and processed correctly, blood stands as a highly beneficial commodity. It serves as a potent source of protein for animal feed and an excellent nitrogen source for organic fertilizers, showcasing a sustainable approach to resource utilization.

GMM has successfully delivered a comprehensive turnkey EPCM project—a blood processing facility that specializes in converting chicken and cattle blood into feed-grade whole blood meal. This venture underscores our commitment to solutions that foster environmental sustainability while adding value to by-products within the food processing industry.