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Case: Transforming a risk material plant into state-of- the-art chicken protein plant

GMM transformed a conventional risk material dry rendering facility with 40.000t/a capacity into a state- of-the-art low temperature 80.000t/a chicken protein plant in a record time. With careful preparations it
took merely three months from the day the old plant stopped to the day when the new production was running. Only the building itself, HVAC system and raw material silos remained the same, everything else was changed. This became a true success story of rapidly adapting to the market changes in a capital- intensive processing industry.

Case: Rendering plant wastewater treatment

Low effluent treatment capacity was already limiting the entire processing capacity of the rendering plant. In connection with the periodic review of the environmental permit, the effluent emission limit values of the plant were tightened.

As the effluent composition from rendering facilities differs significantly from other wastewaters, GMM was asked to explore possible alternatives to secure the operating conditions of the facility and to reliably meet the requirements of the new tightened environmental permit conditions.

GMM carried out conceptual planning, feasibility analysis, options mapping and project development and delivered the new facility through EPCM contract. The delivered solution is flexible, reliable, and easy to maintain. It is equipped with continuous analysers and extensive remote monitoring capabilities which enables GMM specialists to provide operational support.

Case: Honkajoki Cloud

GMM has developed an AWS-cloud based architecture and processing facility data base system. This integrates the operational technology at the factory floor, logistics system, weighing bridges, laboratory analysis, energy production, product inventory and maintenance system into information technology and data aggregation tools in cloud thus creating a real time, complete delivery chain covering reporting and control system called HonkajokiCloud™.

This system also offers multiple interfaces for integrating third party applications and enables the sharing of relevant data with key stakeholders. The raw and aggregated data of the whole operation is processed to show on HonkajokiCloud™ Dashboard, which is fully customizable to meet the different monitoring needs. System is capable for calculating and reporting KPIs of varying operations on Dashboard. Both raw and aggregated data is also immediately accessible through the Business intelligence tools.

Case: Development of new processes and products

GMM is continuously investing in the development of new and improved processes, novel technologies, and new products. As we are scouting for new opportunities in the use of upcycled renewable feedstocks the technical feasibility is usually determined both at laboratory and pilot scale.

Our internal capabilities are complemented by an extensive R&D&I partner network which covers a wide range of research institutions and best-in-class technology and solution providers. The topics we work with cover the whole side stream value chain. This has included for example the impact of raw material quality on finished products, advantages offered by new technologies (e.g., bioprocesses, fractionation, chemical modification), productization of wastewater nutrients, creation of new product functionalities, and added value opportunities in the non-food industry use.

Case: Carbon footprint calculations and LCA for animal protein production

The evaluation of sustainability and its continuous improvement are becoming a necessity in all parts of the food chain due to evolving perspectives around the world. Emissions to land, water, and air and the overall
carbon footprint resulting from industrial activity have been a popular topic of public conversation in the last few years. It is becoming even more critical for companies to address the gap between knowing and doing by embracing sustainable business practices. In general, life-cycle assessment and carbon footprint calculations increase transparency.

GMM provides consulting services for companies in carbon footprint reporting, Product Life- cycle assessments as well as Sustainability reporting. The life-cycle assessment report is prepared in accordance with ISO 14040/44, which is a globally used guideline for conducting life cycle assessment. Sustainability reporting is done in accordance with GRI standards.

Case: Kirkkokallio ecopark

The expertise of GMM has been essential in the creation of a circular economy concept, which has been created in co-operation with separate companies from different areas of business. The result is an eco-park capable of utilizing various kinds of non-used resources (by-product biomass, condensation heat energy) which transforms the potential waste into valuable end-products. The solution has grown from being just a waste management system to an unparalleled concept in the way it empowers and supports other unrelated businesses around it, such as green houses and convenience food plants.

The Kirkkokallio unit in Finland is a world-class example of a circular economy concept where all the materials received to the plant are transformed into commercial products. No organic waste is produced from the process and even the excess heat energy is used in the local ecosystem. This by-product treatment and nutrient recovery process is one of the most energy-efficient and cleanest processing methods for animal by-products in the world. Read more about Honkajoki Ltd!

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