GMM Finland

GMM Finland Ltd was established in 2017, as a subsidiary company for Honkajoki Ltd.
The main idea for GMM Finland is to provide consulting services related to creating
sustainable and efficient solutions to customers’ needs in managing various types of
biomass, in particular food by-products, process effluents, and wastewater

"Over the 50-years-long history of Honkajoki Group, we have created a
circular economy concept, which today is one of the most efficient and
responsible processing models for animal raw materials.”

- Kari Valkosalo, CEO

GMM Finland belongs to Honkajoki Group, which also includes companies Findest Protein Ltd and Honkajoki Ltd. The foundation for the GMM Concept was laid by Honkajoki Ltd, which has been operating for over 50 years in Finland. Honkajoki Group processes most of the animal-based side streams generated in the whole Finland. Raw material undergoes processing at Honkajoki’s plants, where they are being refined into clean, safe, and high-quality raw materials to be used in for example renewable energy, cosmetics, fertiliser and animal feed and pet food industries.

Sustainable agricultural productivity and the efficient use of resources are the cornerstones of all operations at the Honkajoki Group. We work closely with various research institutes and actively participate in projects aimed at studying and developing operational models, new processes, and new products for advancing circular economy and agroecology. We also commit to develop our concept to make it even more sustainable by reducing its environmental impact and concentrating on the possibilities of processing wider range of raw materials into new products.

Honkajoki Group


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Sustainability report of the group 2020

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Sustainability report of the group 2019

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Sustainability report of the group 2018

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